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Professional Attention, Professional Care Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery
Ever wonder what your newly-purchased total station went through to arrive safely at your doorstep? At sursup, even before your order is placed – whether as a wholesaler, distributor, or someone who's just looking to buy the latest product – our products are streamlined into a system that checks and double checks quality, from sourcing to delivery.

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Sourcing your products
Processing your product order
Testing your products
Packing your products
Tracking your products

Sourcing Your Products

While you're sitting in the comfort of your own office or home to browsing on sursup's variaty range of products, we're already busy selecting the best products at the best prices, all with you, the customer, in mind. With offices in Shanghai, sursup works with the best and most trusted manufacturers throughout China, selected for quality of their products, reputation, reliability, and whether they share our passion for serving customers like you.

If you didn't find your preferable product, please contact us through skype on the right side of the webpage. We are more than happy to customize your requirement.

Processing Your Product Order

Upon clicking "Complete Order," our staff spring into action and immediately begin processing your order. One employee reviews the details of your order, checking for anything that might delay processing, while another speeds off to pull the inventory from our shelves. Meanwhile, an email confirmation of your order will have already arrived in your inbox.

Testing Your Products

Even though our suppliers are all trusted manufacturers of quality items, we don’t take any chances with your specific order. All products go through an exhaustive Q.C. procedure:

We will check step by step from the optical part quality to the mechanical stability and the electronical reliability of the instrument. We have differernt check list book from different catagory of product including RTK GNSS, Total Station, Levels, Accessories.

Packing Your Products

As every customer can image that the importance of carefully packing ang shipping for surveying instrument. Because of the high value of the products, we make sure every instrument ship out from Sursup will be packed by double foam pad, hard plastic carrying case, 5 layer paper box and carefully sealed.
Sursup packaging and delivery team runs like clockwork, even if we do say so ourselves. Items are always carefully inspected for any manufacturing and design defects before they're shipped off to ensure that the item you fell in love with online is the item you receive from our courier. Our team members check order slips with the original online purchase confirmation, and then review the product pulled from the shelf to make sure it checks out with the product listed.

Then, and only then, does the team move on to packaging the order, doubling-up (and often more) on the bubble wrap and tape. Next, it's out the door in safe hands with our trusted and verified couriers.

Tracking Your Products

Once your product leaves our doors, we keep on tracking it until it reaches yours. Sursup's customer service team is always working behind the scenes to address your every need and query. We track your shipments real-time, and are available at your convenience to answer any questions, whether by email, live chat, or over the phone. No matter the issue, we're always here to serve you.
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